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Forex, Gold, Silver, and Oil Trading with Range Markets

Diversify your portfolio with a range of instruments.

Founded as a Forex trading broker in 2002, Range Markets has since expanded its list of instruments to offer gold, silver, and oil trading to its clients. Our products were handpicked to compliment strategies that trade across multiple markets, providing all clients with more opportunities. You can trade our instruments directly from your Range Markets MetaTrader 4 platform.

Offering major and exotic currency pairs to maximize your Forex trading opportunities.

With over a decade of experience, Range Markets has positioned itself as a leader in Forex trading technology. We provide currency traders full access to the Forex market through our free, cutting-edge FX trading software.

Advantages of trading Forex:

  • Seamless 24-hour trading, five days a week
  • Deep market liquidity for quick fills
  • Opportunities in bull and bear markets
  • Low cost per trade execution

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Trade precious metals such as gold and silver with an award-winning broker

Through Range Markets, clients can trade gold and silver 24-hours a day via our free online trading software.

Advantages of trading gold and silver:

  • Available on our currency trading platforms
  • Low cost per trade execution

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Trade barrels of oil with a leading online broker

Oil is a volatile product that is driven by supply, political and environmental factors, and the demand of energy-driven nations. Range Markets’s proprietary technology allows individual traders to access oil prices directly from their FX trading accounts.

Advantages of trading oil:

  • Seamless 23-hour trading, five days a week
  • Accessibility to data that moves oil prices

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An index is a statistical measure of the changes in a portfolio of shares representative of all shares traded on a particular market. The indices themselves are not financial instruments and cannot be traded. CFDs trading is one of the ways of trading indices, with the main benefit being that you do not buy the portfolio of shares that comprise an index, but pay only a fraction of the price, as CFDs are traded on margin. There are no commissions for trading CFDs on indices with Deltastock; you only pay the spread (which is the difference between the buy and sell prices). Trading CFDs on indices provides diversified exposure as most of the factors that affect individual companies are taken out of the equation.

Range Markets is excited to offer these commodities on our innovative MT4 platform alongside over 30 currency pairs. Here are some key facts you should know:

Did you know?

Standard Lot 100 Ounces 100 Barrels 5,000 Ounces
Leverage Up to 100:1 Up to 200:1 Up to 100:1
Point Value per
Standard Lot
$1 (USD) $1 (USD) $5 (USD)
Spreads (Variable) 15-45 cents 1.5-8 cents 3-9 cents
Market Hours 6 PM EST Sunday to
4PM EST Friday
Trading not available Mon – Thurs from 5:10 PM EST
to 6PM EST
6 PM EST Sunday to
4PM EST Friday
Trading not available Mon – Thurs from 5 PM EST
to 6PM EST
6 PM EST Sunday to
4PM EST Friday
Trading not available Mon – Thurs from 5:10 PM ES
to 6PM EST